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Timberline Tractor & Marine, Inc. is a business established for the benefit of its customers, employees, and owners, and as such, is committed to provide superior service of the highest quality in the most timely manner possible at a competitive price, all in a climate of excellence and in accordance with sound business practices and high ethical standards.

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Our Pledge to Our Customers

As a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau, we understand and agree with the organization's goals and principles.  We pledge to support BBB programs which foster high standards for honest and reliable advertising.  We subscribe to the efforts of the BBB to improve public trust in business through self-regulation and consumer education, and will assist in these endeavors.  We strive to offer outstanding customer service, and will cooperate with the BBB in all efforts to resolve complaints, and respond to all matters brought to our attention in a timely and fair fashion.

As a BBB Member, we pledge that, in the event of a dispute arising in connection with products or services provided to your firm which we are not able to resolve through informal BBB procedures, we will agree to arbitration through the Better Business Bureau and abide by the decision of an impartial third party arbitrator furnished by the BBB.

If you have any questions or concerns, your designated contact in our office is Lori Scholtz, (330) 966-6623.




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